(+) Magic! - Rude-1

☆ Magic! – Rude-1

[Intro: Syn]
Two seperate worlds, opposites
Yet alike in so many many ways
Both of these worlds are engaged in an eternal war with each other
The war of good versus evil, which is which, you decide
Only one thing will outlast both armies, only one thing will survive in the end
And that special magical little item is that of which we call
The hollow tip bullet

[Verse 1]
Sit back and let me take you into the mind of a killa
Dark Carnival psychopathic wig spiltta (Anybody)
Move and change it’s time to rearrange
So love a dinosaur that you can’t tame
I bring pain, what you think I’m playin a game?
Detroit is my home, Eastside’s what I claim
Fuck a balla, I represent the 313
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