Saves The Day (+) E

Saves The Day ☆ E

I’ve got your face burned in my head
From the first night we met
You were lost, twenty-two, tired of it all
Eyes like stop on black holes

I was living alone
The world went by down below
Through the window I watched it all

You’ve been here seven years clothes on the floor
Shadows crawling along the walls
Reminisce reticence learn to move on
Without you ‘I would be’ is gone

Try or fail to forgive
Nothing left to relive
I watch your black hair blow in the wind
Can we love again?
Do you feel a thing?
Will you take my hand?
I want to live again

In your eyes I see the sky go gray

Looking down as I say
‘give me one more day’
In the distance I hear the rain

Saves The Day - E (Acoustic)
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