Epik High ft. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG & Beenzino (+) Rocksteady (Korean ver.)

Epik High ft. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG & Beenzino ☆ Rocksteady (Korean ver.)

Verse 1>
Quit smoking could also spread a
I met a guy the other side
Drooping shoulders, back and loose-axis
Eojireopgehae me yesterday that it was helpless
Sencheokhadeon pride
In the Panhandle, as the bloody capitalist
Surviving cast ugly
Gamchudeonga flung remnants
Fit in the rhythm of life Now suppose eotbak
My choice is always buzzing around
Jechokhane me in each and every crossroads
It seems I’m pushing my back, slow pace
I wanted to live with rounded muldeune
‘To live’ this much fucking men
What is the weakness of the devil and the Colonel, after
Trade does not go mueothana
Into shouts ‘Do not blame the vain ol’

[Paloalto + Beenzino]
The courage to pay Breathe
Hot, you sweat comfort
Comfort you

Do not never easy to collapse
The stale air dwiseokyijima x2

Verse 2>
Earth in the universe, the earth in South Korea,
Seoul, South Korea, who live in them or,
How little I have in the eyes of those clouds?
Also impossible to understand me a little noeroneun
Satisfaction, others easily jamanhae
Aspirations of the people that only his chamanhae
The girls said he rode in a car
2 weeks pamarae yirangeon happy to
Simply do not extraordinarily bad way,
But again, let’s natbodaneun night worrying
That’s my heart is beating
Or am I in this game that it makes?
Dirty mouth to say jeokdanghiran naolttaen
I buried beneath the floor of the floor It’s time to go
Lazy night, damage, this geuleulsseo
Lazy, my friends listen to my words

[Paloalto + Beenzino]

Verse 3>
Broken heart now changed I was accustomed to grief
Judgments become indecisive wavering on solder
Passion of the drought, parched earth cracked in the end
Is not only the confidence that can do it?
Is it my mistake?
The creation of the dark black night chilhaetgo situation gets worse
Heart rate speeds up like a drunken scoundrel
Chill Do not jump to conclusions
Everything in gambling stupidly dangerous time itneunbeop
Cling to the way I’m neungeon
Why you are interested in winning basketball games do not hurt much jeungohran trapped vain
Lonely battle, not someone shouting in my ear, I say
Betrayal of faith worn down like a knife in the back of the threatened
Hechijinma himself firmly back on the right hand mic mice

[Paloalto + Beenzino]

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