(+) Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom (Lyric Video) ft. DNCE

☆ Hailee Steinfeld – Rock Bottom (Lyric Video) ft. DNCE

[dj quik:]
yah, red light district music
jon b welcome to the netherlands
i hear that cello
look at this girl hiding behind the
sometimes u can be so narcissistic,
pessimistic, everything i taught u
bout yourself
u missed it
girl you’re crazy its secret.
rhinestone shower curtains
sleeping in sequence
what r u a nut case nothing but a
but an waist, c-cups not enough
insecure. not demure. not the pure
woman that your daddy always
hoped for u 2 be. get with jon b
and be the cup of tear

porcelin eyes that make u fall in a
u gave me a glance. reintroduced
in the disco
handle with care you’re fragile
stare off your look out
u see me you’re so aware make u
want get took down yeah
i know your kind
you’re the type to be delicate like
china so high on a shelf in your
its time to take u down and fill your
cup up

its written on your glazy eyes.
don’t where no disguise
since u tipped your cup
i had to oblige
take this from my gentlemen’s hand’s
take sip’s real slow
sophisticated taste
know u can go with my flow

[dj quik:]
i’m the moody blues
pocket full of hundred, closet full of
i get off the board. get on the 1’s and
go up against me reggie u ll lose
i keep the hood bobb’n like its on a cruise

then i’m on the move
i’ll be out before they put each other
on the news
i drink and i smoke 8uti don’t lose my
i’m trouble free 0 g
that’s what i choose
i’m in the glass, house countin’
cheddar cheese
turn my hundred spokes in for some
double os
i used to move keys now i’m movin
these f-a-c-e s and g’s
get on my staff, your on my path
hop up on the wrath,
make your two friends laugh
hit the jet ski
i get ’em wettski
i do the hat trick like i’m wayne gretski
(ladies)take me ta ta take me
this shelf is starting to shaking
hot enough for the taken
u look thirsty i might get took by u
porcelain doll baby
antique and vintage lady
fill me up to the rim. come lace me
straight shot no chaser taste so smooth

girl it seems like a dream.
this is real
take it off, loosen up, this your chance
handle with care you’re standin’ still
but i know how u feel
don’t be shy, take my hand, we gon’ dance
cause your feet start movin’ and u look
like you’re fee un’ yourself
more precious, you’re so fine,
u gon shine
my vibe hits ya like a whistle blowing
the top of the kettle
this is the time where i know your type
so well

Fill Your Cup
Jon B.

Rock bottom by hailee steinfeld ft dnce lyric vide
Hailee Steinfeld - Rock Bottom ft. DNCE
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